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Image DESTIHL Brewery's Brew House


Have questions about our tours?  Give The Beer Hall a call at (309) 420.0159. For Private Group Tours, call our Event Manager at (309) 296.0159.


$7 TOUR – A 45-minute guided tour of our brewery operations with four (4 oz.) samples of beer. Our guests will experience an up-close view of our brewery operations and receive an in-depth account of how we we cellar and sour some our most sought-after beers.​

We work hard to make our award-winning beer and we'd love to show you just how we do it.


TOUR schedule

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MONTHLY BREWMASTER'S TOUR & TASTING $30 – This captivating 60-minute guided production brewery tour will give you an intimate look at the day-to-day happenings of the brewery and a glimpse into the future of DESTIHL! The tasting includes five chef-created appetizers paired with a hand-selected DESTIHL beer. Attendees will also receive a complimentary DESTIHL glass as a parting gift, and 10% off any merchandise purchased after the tour (beer and food excluded). This experience is limited to 30 participants, and the beer & food selections change monthly. See Eventbrite for the latest offerings. 

TOUR schedule

We are thrilled to offer tours of our new facility. While walking through DESTIHL Brewery, you’ll get to learn a little about our history, how and why we boycott bland beer and maybe even get a glimpse (or taste) of what we're working on for the future.

Tours are limited in number based on safety, space, and ultimately to provide you with the very best experience. 

All tour participants will receive a souvenir pint glass & 10% off post-tour retail merchandise in our brewery shop.   (offer not valid for food or beverage purchases)

A Ticket Availability

Advance tickets are available online via Eventbrite up until 24-hours before the tour time. Any tickets not pre-sold online will be available for in-store purchase the day of the tour at the Beer Hall on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call the Beer Hall at (309) 420.0159 for same-day ticket availability.

To get your tickets, click on "Get Tickets" above and select the date and time you wish to attend. There may be more than one available tour for a particular day. Select the number of tickets you need and select "Register or Tickets." Once your tickets have been selected, please verify that all information (date and time) is correct in the Checkout, and you'll have 8 minutes to complete your ticket purchase. All ticket sales are final. We do not offer refunds for tickets purchased or no shows.  


When it comes to tours, our tour route includes lots of walking (some outside, weather permitting). We will always accommodate wheelchairs or walking-aides on tours, but strollers are prohibited. Should you have any questions regarding accessibility, please contact us in advance so our tour team can provide you with the best experience possible.

It's a pretty relaxed environment, but we do take your and our safety very seriously. Tours will typically swing through our malt storage area, the brewhouse, the packaging lines, and through our beer cellar, but please remember that we are a working brewery. There are safety concerns all along the way. Occasionally, we will have to take a detour or two. For your safety, we require that visitors refrain from wearing sandals/flip flops or any version of an open-toe shoe. Safety glasses and other protective clothing may be required during operating hours. Please note that the brewery production floor is not air-conditioned and temperatures in these areas are generally warmer in the summer months and cooler in the winter.