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By clicking below, I acknowledge that I have read the above donation request guidelines and my request(s) meet the criteria.

Please read the requirements below before submitting your request. The link to our request form can be found below.

DESTIHL has always recognized the importance of charitable giving. 

Please read the requirements below before submitting your request. The link to our request form can be found at the bottom of this page. 

DESTIHL offers various in-kind donations such as complimentary cards and gift baskets. To facilitate the process, our donation committee has created some helpful guidelines to request our charitable giving.  And, while we would love to be able to participate with all the worthy events, we occasionally have to decline some due to the frequency in which we donate to other charities. 

Donation requests must be made at least 45 days in advance of your event. Unfortunately, due to budgetary purposes and to give our donation committee time to meet, donation requests for events that fall short of that time frame will have to be excluded from our consideration. 

Charitable requests can be made to either DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works location or DESTIHL Brewery. 

  • We do not accept unsolicited requests for sponsorships or monetary donations. 
  • Requests should only be made by a duly authorized representative of the event or benefiting charity. 
  • Recipients of our charitable giving are only eligible for one donation within a twelve-month period.  If you represent multiple charities, please choose only one charity for us to donate to in a calendar year. 
  • To support as many programs as possible and to encourage charities to seek diverse income sources, organizations that have received consecutive funding from DESTIHL over two years are not eligible to apply for one calendar year from the date of the second donation.  
  • Items donated by DESTIHL must be used, raffled or served at the event for which they were originally requested and approved. Donated items may not be sold or used for other events.  Violation of this rule will bar the charity for all future donations. 
  • We are unable to provide staffing for your event, even if we attend as patrons of your event. 
  • If selected, donations must be picked up from a designated DESTIHL location. We are unable to deliver or ship your donation to you.
  • To receive alcoholic beverages from DESTIHL Brewery, you must provide a liquor license for the event and secure the beer via our beer distributor, and all persons present must be 21 years of age or older. 
  • All donation requests must be made using the online request form below. Please note, we will not consider email, phone or in-person requests for donations.  This helps to streamline the process and ensure that our donation committee does not miss any donation requests.

DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works is pleased to consider groups/events located within the State of Illinois that support our shared interests within our communities, such as:

  • Educational and Youth programs - after-school programs, youth mentoring   
  • Arts and Cultural organizations - music, dance or theater groups, recreational arts, historical groups  
  • Humanitarian services - individual and private fundraisers, community centers, homeless shelter, veterans affairs, medical fundraisers 
  • Environmental & Sustainability Organizations - conservation groups, "green" programs, environmental stewardships 
  • Animal welfare programs - adoption/foster groups, anti-cruelty groups, local shelters

Donation requests honored by DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works range from complimentary cards (valid for food/beverage/retail items) to raffle/gift baskets and even the occasional food donation. Alcoholic beverages are not considered for donation by DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works. 

DESTIHL Brewery will consider donating our award-winning beer and/or a raffle/gift basket to eligible non-profit organizations that maintain a 501(c) (3) or (6) tax-filing status but only if and to the extent allowed for by law. A donation of beer may only be made through our beer distributor to the extent they are willing and able to accommodate the request by law and according to their schedule. Our brewery will not consider events or groups that:

  • are without a 501(c) (3)/(6) tax filing status
  • benefit for-profit fundraisers, groups/events
  • raise funds for or ultimately benefit those under 21 years of age
  • request donations and then re-allocate them to other organizations, individuals or youth programs

If your group/event has been selected by DESTIHL, we will contact you via email within three weeks from the date of your request.

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We are always looking for new, impactful ways to support our local communities in which we operate. 

Each year, DESTIHL contributes donations through a variety of means including raffle/gift baskets, complimentary gift certificates, retail swag, and yes, even our award-winning beer! Another way we give back is through the Nelson Memorial Fund, where a portion of the proceeds from every T.R. Nelson Banana Cream Pie sold at DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works and DESTIHL Brewery goes towards a pre-selected, charitable group.