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Located in the heart of Illinois, at the intersections of Interstate 39, 55 and 74 and within a few hours drive or train ride from Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis is our 37,000 sq. ft. production brewery space. Featuring a 60 BBL conventional brewhouse, 240 BBL sour kettle brewhouse, a 10 BBL pilot brewhouse, over 1,700 BBLs of fermenters and cellar tanks, a 100 CPM CFT canning line, bottling line, centrifuge, keg washer/filler, a EQUIPMENT NAME, a large beer cooler, warehouse and quality control lab. The facility also includes a massive Beer Hall and outdoor patios featuring the bold flavors of DESTIHL’s beer and food.


Whether you're scaling up, offloading to meet seasonal demand or going coastal, our entire operation is designed to flex with you. From scheduling to raw materials, batch size to packaging, we can work with you to find the optimal arrangement to get you what you need.  


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From wort production through packaged goods, every batch produced at DESTIHL is subjected to rigorous quality control and analysis. Our in-house laboratory hosts a breadth of technology including the analytical power of GC/MS, the biological sensitivity of PCR, and physical uniformity given by a full suite of Anton-Paar equipment. Your beer is warrantied to be within specification and free of microbial contamination, a promise upheld by providing you with QA/QC reports from every step of the process.


DESTIHL is pleased to provide a wide array of packaging options for anything you can dream up. With in house canning, bottling, and kegging lines we can pack your product into WHAT GOES HERE. 


Taking supply chain woes off of your plate is just one of the value adds that is standard with our business. Through utilization of large economies of scale, not only do we eliminate your need to source your own raw and packaging goods but we are able to save you money while doing so.

Our flexible brewing system and collective sourcing make it easy for our clients and in-house team to collaborate and efficiently explore new offerings, while our integrated tasting room will provide a brick-and-mortar location for you to connect firsthand with consumers, share your brewing story and get direct feedback on your products.

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