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Located in central Illinois, at the intersections of Interstates 39, 55 and 74 and within a few hours’ drive from Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis, is our 47,000 sq. ft. destination production brewery.

Our award-winning brewery features a 66 BBL Sprinkman brewhouse (with mash/lauter tun, brew kettle w/ external calandria, whirlpool and automated mash-in water & knock-out temps), a one-of-a-kind 240 BBL sour kettle brewhouse, a 10 BBL pilot brewhouse, over 2,000 BBLs of fermentation & cellar tanks (including many size options from 10bbl, 30bbl, 60bbl, 120bbl and 240bbl), gentle Chain-vey grain handling, RMS mill, a 100 CPM CFT rotary canning line for filling either 12oz or 16oz cans (upgradeable to 200cpm, with double evacuation, counterpressure filling, date coding, ionized air rinsing, Filtec gamma-ray fill inspector/rejecter and Pak-Tech applicator for 4 & 6-packs), Andritz centrifuge, KHS keg washer/filler, a large beer cooler for short-term storage of beer before shipping and a full-time lab technician & quality control lab with daily sensory panels and lab testing equipment for DO, beer spoilers, etc.

If you are an existing, licensed brewery needing extra capacity, better economies of scale or help with seasonal demand, our entire operation is designed to help you grow and to grow with you.  From flexible scheduling, raw materials, batch sizes to packaging, together with generally no Illinois state excise tax due to us for shipments made to you as a manufacturer or to your distributor, we can work with you to find the optimal arrangement to get you what you need to grow your brand.

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