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All requests will be confirmed by our brewery staff to verify keg availability and pickup date/time. The information on the form below will be used to pre-fill the form the Town of Normal requires us to attach to each keg. It will also save you time when picking up your keg. All information is required, and you must present your valid ID when picking up and paying for your keg(s). Only the person whose ID information is provided on this form may pick up the keg and only they will receive any deposit upon equipment return. To view more frequently asked questions about keg ordering, please see below. 

Whether it's for your home kegerator or a large event, let us help you boycott bland beer!

Prices exclude tax and any required deposits. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I reserve a keg online and pick up at DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works locations?
No. At this time, the online keg request is for pick up and drop off at DESTIHL Brewery only. To purchase a keg from our restaurant location, please call (309) 862-2337 as we would be happy to share our current list of available beer selections/prices with you. 

How many kegs should I order?

Our sixth-barrel kegs have just over 5 gallons of beer in them, this is approximately 41 (16OZ) pints, 55 (120Z) pours, or 73 (9OZ) pours. Our half-barrel kegs are filled with about 15.5 gallons and contain approximately 124 (16OZ) pints, 165 (120Z) pours, or 220 (90Z) pours.   


Is there a deposit for kegs or other equipment?


  • Sixth-barrel (1/6th BBL) kegs = $75 deposit/per each
  • Half-barrel (1/2 BBL) kegs = $100 deposit/per each 
  • Hand-pump keg taps (party tap) = $5 fee + $40 deposit/per each
  • Keg tubs require a $10 deposit/per each


Deposits are collected during pick up and will be fully refunded if the equipment is returned in good working order within 7 days. If you fail to return the equipment in good working condition or beyond the 7-day rental, then you will forfeit your deposit. Long-term keg rentals are available for a personal draft system (kegerator) but must be coordinated during pick up and returned within 90 days. 


When can I pick up a reserved keg or return a previously used keg to the brewery?

Any time during The Beer Hall's normal opening hours of operation. Please note all keg sales & returns cease at 10 pm per Town of Normal code. 


How & when should I tap the keg?

Our team would be happy to show you how to tap the keg when you pick it up. While you may want to immediately tap the keg, it is best to wait for it to cool down. We recommend allowing the keg to sit in your kegerator for about 24 hours (or on ice for an hour or two for party kegs), with the temperature as close to 38 degrees as possible. This will ensure the beer in the keg is at the appropriate temperature for dispensing. Keep this in mind and order your keg far enough ahead of time to account for the recommended acclimation time. In addition, letting the keg sit for a while allows it to settle down. The transportation process will shake up a keg, no matter how careful your drive, and this can create foaming issues. Think of a keg like a giant can of beer: if you shake it around and open it right away, you will have foamy beer.

When operating a manual pump-style tap, please remember to "not over-pump."  Once connected to a pump tap, most kegs just need a couple of pumps after the faucet is opened to get a nice steady beer flow...then stop pumping, so the beer doesn't get over-aerated and foamy.  Likewise, when using a CO2 tank (as in the case of a kegerator system) instead of a hand pump, be careful not to over-carbonate the beer, which would also result in foaming issues.


How long will "tapped" beer keep before it loses quality?  

If you are dispensing the beer with CO2 and the keg is kept cold (38 degrees), a keg will last approximately three months. If you are dispensing the beer with a manual pump-style tap, the beer will stay fresh for approximately twelve hours. 

A sixth (1/6th) barrel is 5.2 gallons and equivalent to 2.5 cases of 12OZ cans, or 55 (12OZ) servings. Weighs about 55 lbs. 

A half (1/2) barrel is 15.5 gallons and equivalent to 7 cases of 12OZ cans, or 165 (12OZ) servings. Weighs about 145 lbs. 


Reserving a keg for pick-up at our brewery is easy. We have several beer styles to choose from in our Core Brands and WiLD Sour Series line-up. Most kegs are available for same-day pick-up. For beers not listed below, please email our team ( to discuss special-order kegs. Keg taps (hand pumps), keg tubs, and drinkware available.  ​

Image of a 15.5 gallon beer keg