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DESTIHL is a culinary destination in Central Illinois.

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Delivery - For the Champaign DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works location. 

Delivery - For the Normal DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works location. 

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Delivery - For the Champaign DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works location. 

ALL-DAY MENU (INCLUDES OUR 'WEEKEND BRUNCH', GLUTEN-FREE and vegetarian/vegan menu options)

DESTIHL Restaurant & Brew Works' menu focuses on bold flavors that pair well with a wide array of innovative beers for every palate. We are not bound to any particular cooking genre or beer styles. Rather, our commitment is grounded upon an inventive approach to classic American-inspired pub fare and global cooking and brewing traditions. ​​Our bars not only feature DESTIHL beer, but also adventurous house cocktails, a distinctive wine list and many locally crafted spirits.

To view the menu at DESTIHL Brewery's Beer Hall, click here.

Wine List, Craft Cocktails, and Alcohol Free Drinks MENU

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