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The main function of the Sous Chef (SC) is to support the store’s Executive Chef (EC) in leading the culinary operations and entrepreneurial aspects of our dining establishments.  It is the responsibility of the SC to ensure that the best dining practices are implemented, and the store’s commercial growth is achieved. As an emerging culinary leader, Sous Chefs train and monitor the kitchen staff to be highly efficient.

Job Description
The Sous Chef is responsible for ensuring that all meals coming from the kitchen for which s/he is responsible are well prepared with regard to quality, consistency, eye appeal, taste and food cost.  He/she is expected to provide training for all BOH staff, meet corporate quality standards, portion control, recipes, and sanitation.  Sous Chefs are also responsible for controlling labor costs while maximizing guest satisfaction.  

This position requires previous experience in the field of culinary operations within a full-service restaurant and/or hotel. A culinary degree is not required; however, Sous Chefs should have advanced culinary knowledge beyond that of a line cook.    

Business Functions of Executive Sous Chefs
Sous Chefs are directly involved with the training, supervising and partaking in the daily activities of cooks, and other personnel involved in preparing, cooking and presenting food in accordance with productivity standards. Sous Chefs should help the EC organize and conduct meetings, and/or one-on-ones with the kitchen staff to further develop the existing staff's strengths and to heighten the team’s knowledge with culinary arts.   

Sous Chefs are responsible for maintaining consistent quality in our products and ensure adherence to all health code requirements. Enforce safety procedures and cleanliness standards throughout all kitchen, equipment and storage areas. Also, the SC is responsible for some non-perishable orders entailed with running a kitchen while adhering to purchasing standards and procedures when ordering and receiving.


  • At least two to three years of culinary experience.
  • Previous working experience in a full-service restaurant.  
  • Culinary Arts Degree or equivalent restaurant/hotel field degree is preferred. 
  • Illinois Dept. of Public Health ‘Food Service Sanitation Manager Certificate’ (current within 90 days of hire)   

Typical Schedule
Salaried chefs at DESTIHL work full time, including early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays. Many shifts regularly last 10-12 hours days because our Chefs should oversee the delivery of food supplies early in the day and use the afternoon to build orders, work on schedules, and finally to plan and prepare any feature items for the upcoming day's service. A five to six-day workweek is typical with some variations in the start and end time to better allow for coaching throughout several shifts.  It is generally preferred that the Sous Chef works open and close shifts to better train and develop our staff and execute our business needs.   
Position Duties & Tasks

  1. In general, assists with all the functions of the Executive Chef in their absence
  2. Oversee the general kitchen/back-of-house (BOH) operations to ensure that culinary standards and techniques, quality of food and methods of operation are being maintained or exceeded
  3. Provide frequent and regular guidance, coaching, reinforcement, training, and development of culinary skills and kitchen management skills to BOH captains and other BOH staff
  4. Assist the Executive Chef (EC) to develop, plan, research, test and prepare new and revised food dishes for the regular menus, special events and features that are complementary to and in ever-progressive advancement of the company’s concept, theme, culture and plans; generally protect and build brand integrity; and, ensure that any and all features and special dishes being developed have been approved in some manner by the Corporate Chef (CC) or EC and otherwise meets or exceeds those same standards prior to being served 
  5. Frequently and consistently review menus, recipes, costing, pricing, portion sizing, ingredient selection, and sourcing and preparation guidelines and report problems, suggested changes and improvements to the EC
  6. Review and assist EC as needed to develop specialty foods, menus, and methods such as Carry-Out, Catering, Gluten-Free, and other like menus so as to boost sales and to simplify, ease and improve the experience for our guests and our staff in these areas
  7. Work with GM’s and EC to ensure the proper, timely and accurate preparation of monthly inventories of food, paper products, and related BOH supplies
  8. Monitor, control and calculate food cost and BOH labor percentages and work with GM’s and EC to help control such food cost and BOH labor percentages at or below budgets while balancing and anticipating our service needs
  9. Perform cost control functions, including planning and implementation of measures and policies to protect against product theft, employee consumption, and other improper behavior and to increase revenues and lower costs and expenses
  10. Ensure and monitor store compliance with health, sanitation, and other codes and meet with inspectors as required
  11. Ensure the implementation and effectiveness of the company’s BOH policies, directives, and procedures
  12. Assist EC in hiring, training, supervising and evaluating of hourly kitchen employees, including but not limited to captains, line cooks, prep cooks, and dishwashers, and develop BOH captains to obtain and learn these skills
  13. Assist EC in locating, attracting, interviewing, hiring, training, retaining, developing, monitoring, disciplining and terminating BOH staff as needed and in ensuring that replacement personnel are suitably hired, trained and developed
  14. Perform such other tasks and duties as may be assigned by the EC and/or GM
  15. Effectively train, develop and delegate such other tasks and duties to the BOH Captains and other BOH staff as may be appropriate and in the best interest of the company, and as possible, monitor and report problems or successes noticed of FOH staff promptly to the GM​


To apply, please fill out our 'Online Employment Application' below, or you may download our '.PDF Application for Employment' below, fill it out and get it back to us. 

If you prefer, you may email your completed application and/or resume below or drop it off in-person at your desired DESTIHL location between 2-4pm, Monday through Friday.

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For more information on employment with DESTIHL, check out our 'Employment FAQs' page.

DESTIHL is a growing company.  Our growth brings excitement as well as a need for passionate individuals to help us grow. We have several opportunities for hourly, salaried and management/leadership positions.

We work early mornings, late nights, weekends, and even holidays. We do this to build our business while cultivating and encouraging our guests to share in the excitement. There is always room for talented people on our team.  

We love applicants who have savvy, knowledge and experience, but the most important experience we require is passion. Passion for our profession is what sets us apart from everyone else. 

To some, this may look just like a job.  To us, this is our passion, our dream job and our way of life.